A Guide of The Different Golf Brands

In every sport you need skill, hard work and perseverance to effectively play. Golf is no different. The sport requires commitment and practice to fully master the techniques and strategies. But golf has also evolved from its simple beginnings to a much more complex game that factors in its accessories.

It is important to know what golf equipment to have whether you are playing for leisure or aspiring to pursue the sport professionally.

These tools will help you play better in every aspect. Clubs today are designed with high-tech components to match the player’s skill. Golf shoes are specifically manufactured to endure the course’s terrain. Even the sport’s apparel has benefits to make the game more convenient for the player. Go through site Rockbottomgolf.com where you find the best suitable golf equipments along with their professional brand strategies.

Here are some brands that you can trust when you are investing on golf equipment.

Callaway Golf

Callaway has been a leading brand in the golf world. The company has manufactured some of the best lines of golf clubs and other golf equipment. Their most well-known product would be their ‘Big Bertha’ series of golf clubs, which also became an industry standard for drivers. Along with clubs, Callaway Golf has produced quality shoes, bags, apparel and golf balls.

Nike Golf

GolfsThis is a brand that’s made a name in the world of sports. Nike still remains as one of the industry’s top manufacturer of sports gear. Even in golf, the company has produced excellent golf equipment for athletes of all kinds. Nike has produced golf clubs, shoes, bags and apparel that are being used by athletes today and before.

Taylor Made Golf

Taylor Made Golf is considered a landmark in the sport. They have pioneered in creating golf gear that is now the sport’s standard. One aspect in golf that they help transform was the use of metal for golf clubs, specifically for woods.

Specialized Manufacturers

Among the myriad of sports companies that create a plethora of choices, there are also those manufacturers that specialize in certain equipment.

Ogio: Bags

Ogio is known to make great bags golf. A lot of their stand bags are convenient for golfers to use due to their bags accessibility and spaciousness. The material that they use is also very durable. Ogio Golf Bags factors in terrain, weather and accessibility for their products which made them a top brand in the sport.

Titleist: Golf Balls

This is a company that is known for making premium golf balls. They have been around for decades and have provided their services to professional tournaments and tours. Titleist has transformed golf balls from wooden balls to four-piece balls with leather outers.

FootJoy: Footwear

Golf shoes are essential in the game. They support player’s stance in grasping the club and making their shot. FootJoy is a producer of golf shoes that have provided excellent products for golfers. The manufacturer has equipped their golf shoes with the latest technology to produce the best line of footwear in the sport.

Club Car: Golf Carts

Golf carts are important, whether you like it or not. Investing on a golf cart can be heavy on the pocket, but you’ll definitely be using it every time you play. Club Car has sought to create premier golf carts for all kinds of golfers. They are part of Yamaha and the company has supported the use of electrical powered golf cart for environmental purposes.


Getting the right golf equipment is good, but may not be enough. You need to know ‘who’ provides the best equipment for ‘what’. With your skills and talent, buying golf gear from the right brands will surely help you play better in the game.