Funeral: A Closure

Funeral services are considered important by many people. Different cultures have varied ways and customs regarding the treatment of their dead loved ones. Before the burial, there is often a period of time spent for the family and friends to pay their final respects to the dead.

Likewise, ushering the departed to his final resting place is an important event that has to be carefully planned and handled. A funeral is the moment when closure is supposed to be finally reached. It serves as a time for farewells, a time to deal with the feeling of loss, a time to give tribute to the loved one, and a time to begin accepting the reality of not seeing him again for a very long time.

Saying the Final Goodbye

FuneralPeople pass away in different ways. Some die after a prolonged battle with sickness, others die suddenly from accidents, others at birth, while others out of depression. Sometimes, the manner of death and its timing have a great impact on the feelings of his loved ones. Others may feel shocked and suffer trauma. They often need to be with friends and loved ones during this time.

Whatever form of death it may be, the sense of permanent separation stings. Thus, it must be dealt with properly. Consequently, holding a funeral service has become the time for loved ones to say their final goodbyes to the dead person. It is a time when relatives and friends will have a chance to somehow say their goodbyes and feel the comfort of doing so although they know the dead does not hear them anymore.

Dealing with Grief

Grief is one of the emotions that cannot just go away quickly. It is like a gradual peeling off of other related emotions such as regret, anger, and helplessness. Regret is felt when the bereaved thinks that they have not done their best to save their loved one. Anger erupts out of frustration that despite all their efforts, they still lost their beloved. Helplessness is felt in the realization that death has overcome.

During the funeral, one begins to deal with these feelings and it serves as the first step to the healing process. When comfort is offered by other members of the family and close friends, the grieving person realizes that he is not alone in his grief. It is also the chance for him to express and share his feelings to others who care and who share his sentiments.

Paying Tribute to the Dead

It is on this brief occasion that the dead is given tribute for the life well lived and for how he has affected the ones who are left behind. Of course, the tribute differs according to the length of life the dead person has lived. Every word must be well thought of.

Funeral-ServicesOftentimes, friends and family members are allowed to share their thoughts and gratefulness for the life shared with them by the departed. It is a time to share positive feelings as a way of comforting one another. The dead is usually praised for his good deeds. With this practice, many strained relationships are mended and family members become closer to one another. Ironically, losing someone would build the intimacy of the ones left behind.

Accepting Reality

Having the chance to see for yourself the casket or the urn of your dead loved one is the first step to accepting that he has really passed away. It is during the funeral when the bereaved begins the process of accepting the reality that the dead will be gone forever. This truth is usually made easier when friends and loved ones are gathered together to celebrate the dead’s life and to finally release him to his final destination.

The reality of the situation often sinks in more simply when it is faced with other understanding people. The bereaved ones comforted by the visitors at the funeral. They are encouraged to move on and are helped as they begin to face life in the permanent absence of a loved one. Sharing of grief makes it easier for the family to let go of their family member. They are also assured that he has not lived in vain.

Sensitive as it may be, the issue of handling the dead and ushering him to his final resting place is a very crucial part in giving a closure to one’s life and one’s earthly or physical relationship with others. Although different cultures have different ways of spending this last moments with the dead relative or friend, its effect on everyone who cared for him is undeniably huge.

The brief moment of sharing the feeling of loss and the time spent comforting each other as well as celebrating the life of the departed with his body or remains still in sight will indeed greatly help his family and friends cope with grief.

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