Tips Before Ordering Custom Coins Online

A morale boost is one of the most important aspects that should be given to the members of a certain organization, and what better way to provide this than by giving out custom challenge coins? These coins have been used for decades in the military as a means to honor members who have contributed exceptional achievements to their organization. This tradition of handing a tangible memento to represent one’s loyalty had been acquired by business corporations through custom coins so they can enhance the unity between all of their members.

A good source where you can easily order these coins is the internet. This is a lot more advantageous than trying to search for a minting company to get the job done for you. The best thing about ordering them online is that you don’t have to waste a lot of time moving from one place to another just to get a nice deal and check your best options. With just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, you can end up with an excellent minting company that offers custom challenge coins at decent rates.

Custom Coin

One thing you might want to keep in mind is that ordering more means paying less. Most minting companies will offer discounts when you buy more units. Usually, companies designing custom coins start reducing their prices per 100 units ordered, and then begin increasing discounts for each 100-unit increase in order amounts. If you want to be cost-effective, the natural solution is to order more units. While some might think ordering this amount of coins would just be put to waste simply because they won’t need them, it’s best to save for future use to make the batch less expensive.

Another thing to remember before you order your custom coins online is to understand that crafting them requires a certain amount of time. In most occasions, minting companies do not offer deliveries as quick as a few days or even a week. The creation of personalized coins will undergo processes like stamping, plating, and coloring. Normally, the least amount of time you can expect to have your coins delivered to you after ordering them is 10 days. If you are going to need them, be sure enough that you provide a certain period for them to arrive at your doorstep.

Different coin companies usually offer similar types of coins, but you may want to consider trying out those that provide additional features or other bonuses. There are those that offer added features that not only give a more appealing visual, but also extra functionality. Of course, you may need to slightly raise your budget since these will certainly cost more.

Budget will be one of the determining factors that would help you decide which minting company will create your custom coins. In this case, you may have to ensure what purpose these coins will serve. If they are to be given out to organization members without any charges, you might want to keep out from those extra features you don’t really need. On the other hand, if the coins are meant as fundraisers, it may be a good idea to spend a little more with certain features that will make your coins appeal to the public and sell faster.

When you’re trying to allot a certain budget for the creation of your custom coins, it is important that you consider their size. This makes a huge impact with how much your coins would amount to. Most minting companies share similar standards with pricing coins based on their size. The normal size for custom challenge coins is 1.75 inch in diameter.

Budget will be one of the determining factors that would help you decide which minting company will create your custom coins.